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The 18" Innova longarm quilting machine is perfect for the home quilter, occasional professional, competition or art quilter who may be limited on space.


State of the Art Longam Quilting Machines

Innova presents our innovative longarm quilting machines. Our full line of precision engineered quilting systems offers:


  • Unmatched stitching accuracy and reliability

  • Precision engineered Pro-Frame

  • 24/7 technical support line (WOW *** AN INNOVA™ EXCLUSIVE)

  • Sewing Head Size: 11" x 18" with (15" of sewing front to back)

  • Starting at $9,995.00 includes (18" Innova & Pro Frame & Starter Kit)

  • Call the store for show & company specials 1-800-822-7397

Quilting machines

18" Innova Longarm

Top-of-the-line quilting machines


ALL INNOVA™ machines are constructed of a high quality, extremely ridged aircraft grade aluminum profile and include the highest quality electronic components. The innovative design is engineered to house top rated sealed ball bearings and teflon® hard coated components to minimize routine maintenance and eliminate messy oiling.

  • Four sizes are : 18", 22", 26". And 32"

  • 3000 stitches per minute

  • 1hp motor

  • High resolution digital encoders

  • Patented rotating sew head

  • Programmable 5-22 stitches per inch

  • Programmable 0-500 minimum stitches per minute sew speed

  • Manual speed control on handles for on the fly adjustments

  • Needle up/down programmable settings

  • Both manual and regulated modes

  • Phenolic composition high density wheels

  • 5 year warranty

  • 24/7 technical support line

  • Laser and pointer stylus

  • Front and rear handles

  • Articulation sewing light

  • Large "M" size Innova Red Vortex Bobbin

  • Non engaging hand wheel

  • Patented spring loaded hopping foot

The commercial quality INNOVA™ Pro-Frame is designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use. It comes with rigid 2" diameter stainless steel fabric poles. Innova's unique infinitely EZ Lock brake system, Laminated table tops, and two side clamps with tensioning bands. The Gas-assisted top fabric pole lifting system provides easy access to straighten and inspect batting, this feature is critical to the discerning quilter. The Pro-Frame has Innova's unique fabric take-up compensator that eliminates the need for raising and lowering as the quilt take up roll increases in diameter.

The frame is designed with plenty of free space below the front lifting bar which allows the quilter to sit comfortably at the Innova® if desired. The Innova® Pro-Frame stationary compensator roller maintains a perfectly level quilting bed and ensures you quality stitches. The EZ lock roller system allows for infinite adjustment of fabric tension, which is critical for stitching reliability. Two nylon side tension clamps with adjustment straps are also included.

The Innova® Pro-Frame includes high quality canvas leaders and sturdy 3/4" laminated table tops which are perfect for placing pantographs, or when your longarm is not in use they can double as a sewing or cutting table. The Innova® Pro-Frame has six adjustable self leveling legs and perforated extension, so it can be adjusted up to 13" to accommodate your desired quilting height. Its unique modular construction allows for the addition of asscssories at any time. Feel free to customize your frame with our many available options.

The Innova™ Pro-Frame

Rotating Sew Head

Innova's Patented swivel sew head is unique and exclusive to the Innova. This convenient feature included on all Innova quilting machines makes it possible to add outstanding innovative accessories such as the couching attachment as well as making it very convenient for any incidental repairs, changing of feet, removal of broken needles, or removal of the machine from the Pro-Frame.

Included with 18" Innova™ Systems

  • The 18" Innova Quilting Machine & Pro-Frame

  • Bobbin Winder - Set of leaders - Acrylic ruler base with latches

  • Bobbin storage tube with 4 red vortex bobbins - Four pack size 16 needles

  • Dust cover - Set of hex keys - Screwdriver - Hex driver

  • Tweezers - Needle threader - Metal stylus - Oil bottle